The Practice of Shiatsu

The classes are a pleasure to attend.  The attention to quality is inspiring'  -  W.P.

The Practice of Shiatsu
The philosophy underlying Shiatsu is that vital energy ‘Ki’ in Japanese flows throughout the body in particular in a series of ‘channels’ or ‘meridians’.  For many different reasons ‘Ki’ can stop flowing and this then produces  a symptom of dis-ease or dis-harmony.  In Shiatsu the flow of ‘Ki’ is rebalanced by applying pressure using fingers, thumbs, hands, elbows and even knees on various areas of the body and especially the meridians.  By supporting and tonifying areas of weakness and releasing areas of tension or stagnation the flow of body energy or ‘Ki’ is re-harmonised.  This recreates a full body connection and supports the healing powers that lie within.  By using soft manipulation, stretches and sensitive touch posture, flexibility, circulation, breathing, digestion and energy levels can improve.  As the quality of ‘Ki’ changes, the symptoms associated with lack of flow will gradually improve.  Shiatsu is a therapy that works on an individual as a spiritual, mental, emotional and physical being that together create the energetic field of the whole person creating a sense of Well-being.


The Benefits of Treatments - Well Being - the state of being healthy and happy
You can be happier and healthier with shiatsu, as it actively promotes Well-being.

A Shiatsu session supports and relaxes the body aiding it to feel more at ease, balanced and connected which in turn supports the sense of being able to cope with whatever life throws at us from time to time.  The sessions encourage the body’s innate energetic desire to feel well, which brings about a sense of Well-being and a greater, healthier and happier appreciation of life.

'Learning Shiatsu has really been an awakening for me.... you learn by feeling, doing and being and not just by knowing'  -  L.D.

What the course can do for you

Studying Shiatsu and movement will give you the understanding and energy to make changes in your body and find a new approach to life, helping you to feel healthier and stronger, as well as more balanced and creative. Our school emphasises personal development, as working on your own growth and healing is an essential part of the process of enabling you to help others. At the school we teach certain Seishin Kitaido and SpiralDance movement forms and meditation in addition to the Shiatsu. The movement forms are specifically suitable to the study of Shiatsu because they enhance the understanding and connection to ‘Ki’ energy and the ‘Dance of Life’ and the meditation strengthens the ‘quiet centre’ from which health and well-being comes. Whether you wish to study out of personal interest or to become a practitioner the training requires commitment, willingness and openness to new ways.

'I found upon completing my studies that I had the confidence to treat whatever imbalance I felt in my hands as well as support the person's own healing centre'  -  A.S.

More Information


SpiralDance is a meeting point between Western and Eastern dance movement disciplines.  It is an organic and creative way of moving that is inspired and formed by nature and the elements.  It aids the embodiment of natural energy flows and allows the freedom a space to explore and express these. 

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